Abraxsis Der Jen Free Artwork Gallery

Abraxsis Der Jen is a¬†Taiwanese artist. Her work get my attention very long time ago, and I’m proud to show you some examples of her work.

Abraxsis Der Jen Specialty

Portraits of traditional Chinese women, national character, national costumes.
Submitted works are included in a huge series of paintings under the general title: Illustration Collection of the Ancient Chinese People – The Zephyr-Love Stories of the Royal Manchu in the Forbidden City.

There are not much info about her, mostly I found only her Facebook page and some partial info on the internet.

Abraxsis Der Jen Artwork

2 Replies to “Abraxsis Der Jen Free Artwork Gallery”

  1. Where did you get the illustrations? Are they from a book? Did you scan them? Did you find them in the Internet?
    We consider to publish these pictures in an print-magazine.
    Do you know, how I can contact Abraxsis der Jen?

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