Ryohei Hase illustrations

Ryohei Hase is a freelance illustrator and an artist based in Tokyo, Japan. He illustrates for CDs, web, magazines, games, movies, and fashion photographs. Ryohei’s main theme of paintings is to express the darkness of his mind which is sad/gloomy, but at the same time beautiful/strong. In order to become a professional illustrator, Hase worked part-time while attending school and gained experience in design and illustration.

After Graduating from Tama Art University, he got a job with Bandai Namco games in order to learn CG and how to work as a team. Subsequently working with the company for 4 years, he left to achieve his ambition of becoming a freelance illustrator. We are more than proud to present his work and hope you will enjoy it in a disturbing manner!

Ryohei Hase Gallery

Ryohei Hase Official Website and Facebook Page

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